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Extraordinary Safety

There is nothing ordinary about Mellow Walk safety shoes.

We know that because our skilled staff make them every day at our Toronto factory; because we can count the over 40 processes to make a single pair.

And because every morning tens of thousands of North Americans put on their Mellow Walk safety shoes to go to work.

Comfort And Style

Mellow Walk has always provided day in, day out comfort and style.

So besides wearing our shoes to work, you may just want to wear them out for dinner, on a Sunday, even to a wedding. (Surprisingly, you wouldn’t be the first.)

Made in Canada

Since 1993, Mellow Walk has not only been making the best fitting, most comfortable casual safety shoes in the world – we’ve been making them in Canada to boot (if you’ll pardon the expression).

Thank you for continuing to trust the original for safety and comfort, Mellow Walk.

Find a Retailer

Mellow Walk safety shoes are available from more than 400 retailers across North America.

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