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Everything You Should Know When Purchasing Safety Shoes

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If you work in an industry where there is the potential for serious injury, then you need to ensure that you have the right safety equipment. Everything you buy should meet Canadian safety standards and be rated to do the job you need it to do. This includes the shoes you get from a safety […]

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Safety Testing Ensures Safety Shoes Live Up To Their Name

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Safety in the workplace should be of paramount importance to employers and employees no matter what the industry. In 2017, for example, over 251,500 claims for lost time due to a work-related injury or disease were reported by the Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada. Sadly, there were also 951 workplace fatalities recorded. The […]

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5 Common Mistakes One Can Avoid When Buying Safety Shoes

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For some, the thought of shopping for work shoes is beyond unbearable. Having to try on a variety of different pairs and being concerned about how much they’ll cost, even if your workplace subsidizes the safety shoe purchase, can make it so they put off the task for as long as possible. However, for safety’s […]

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When to Replace Your Safety Shoes

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If you have to wear safety shoes for your job, you no doubt took the time and energy to find the pair that is perfect. They fit just right, feel good, and keep your feet safe. It’s probably the last thing on your mind, but at some point, within the next 12 months you’re going […]

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