First look at the new Hybrid Hiker

My wife is used to me coming home with new shoes from the Mellow Walk factory. Typically, these are new models that we haven’t released yet.  And while she doesn’t often express much of an opinion on my choice of footwear, one recent model definitely caught her eye (and not because I left it for everyone to trip over in the front hallway). While she was looking at the boot for what it was, a good-looking boot, my wear testing is designed to go well beyond whether the boot looks good. At the end of day Mellow Walk customers wear our shoes and boots everyday, often for up to a year, and in some challenging environments.

In my role, my idea of a challenging environment may be a trip to the grocery store, taking the dogs for a long walk in Toronto’s parks and ravines, or moving around the Mellow Walk factory. (Note: we also put our footwear on our factory staff to test in an industrial environment).

So, what did I like about our new Patrick2.0 Hybrid Hiker?


P2.0 519209

Wear Time: 500+ hours

Interior Space: Our Patrick2.0 is built on a deep last (shoe mold). Lots of space inside the boot and in daily walking I couldn’t feel the roof of the steel-toe.

Balance: Sometimes you can get a safety shoe that feels toe heavy due to the weight of toecap. This was definitely not my experience with the Hybrid Hiker. The shoe is really evenly balanced for everyday wear.

Cushion: As I don’t require a safety shoe, most of the time, I definitely gravitate to a shoe that fits comfortably. What I like about the Hybrid Hiker is not only the thick foam insole, but the PU midsole on this particular model. The PU midsole really helps absorb heel strike and provide comfort.

Upper: Mellow Walk is typically known for its all leather safety shoes. Well, the Hybrid Hiker is stitched from a water resistant microfibre and we added an abrasion resistant bumper and heel pad to prevent scuffing. I really took to the microfibre material and it made the already light boot even lighter.

P2.0 sole

Sole: After 500+ hours of wear (some of it sitting behind a desk), the all rubber sole doesn’t show much sign of wear.

Certification: The Hybrid Hiker is certified to CSA for toe and plate protection (Green Triangle) and offers an ESR rated sole to protect against contact with electricity.

Final Thoughts: In my opinion, the Hybrid Hiker is a great boot for everyday wear and would be a good choice for someone looking for a 6” inch boot for light industrial use.