Athleisure Wear Goes From The Gym, To The Street To The Workplace

Selena Gomez and PUMA. Jaden Smith and New Balance. Pharrell Williams and Adidas. Sean Mendes and NIKE. The list of celebrities who have partnered with shoe manufacturers to create sneaker brands with runway looks that cater to the ever-growing sport leisure footwear category is, as they say, “off the charts.” Given the popularity of bringing street styles into the workplace, it makes sense that working professionals are also looking for athletic-inspired safety footwear to wear on the job. Leading the way in that category is Mellow Walk, maker of top-line safety shoes Canada.

From its shoe factory in Toronto, Mellow Walk has been manufacturing comfortable safety shoes since 1993. Mellow Walk safety shoes are available from safety specialists across North America and in select international markets. As a men’s and women’s safety shoe manufacturer, Mellow Walk has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the athleisure category. The Owen and Jessica safety shoes are perfectly suited to cater to the performance-inspired safety footwear market.

Given the growth potential of athleisure footwear in the casual footwear market, Mellow Walk knew that today’s workers would eventually demand options for sophisticated lightweight safety shoes Canada to wear to work. Mellow Walk’s team went to work designing shoes that people could comfortably wear on the job,or on the street or. Our white soled Jessica sneakers, for example, radiate old school charm while providing comfort and safety that satisfies necessary safety codes. Mellow Walk has always manufactured a variety of comfortable all-leather casual safety shoes, so it knew that workers in industrial areas requiring toe protection would gravitate towards a safety shoe approved to ASTM and CSA standards for impact and static dissipation – especially if it was a shoe they could also feel comfortable about wearing on the street like a typical fashion sneaker.

In developing this new project, Mellow Walk’s designers started by using a brand-new sneaker last, the solid foot-form that gives the final shoe its shape, to ensure the look was right for the market we were targeting. The design team also opted for white interior lining, white stitching and white laces to unify the look with the all-rubber white sole. With strong reaction to the Jessica skater shoe collection, Mellow Walk expanded the project into the Owen collection for men. Together, we are reshaping the athleisure market by manufacturing top quality athletic-inspired Canadian made shoes for the workplace – or a night on the town.

Identifying Potential Hazards in the Workplace

Call it Murphy’s Law. Call it the law of averages. Call it an occupational hazard. The fact is, there’s no such thing as a completely safe workplace. Close to 1,000 Canadians die each year as a direct result of the job; however, studies indicate that number is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true extent of work-related deaths across Canada. Identifying potential hazards in the workplace is critical to reducing the number of on-the-job injuries. So is choosing the right footwear from the safety shoe store.

Nearly one third of all personal injuries in the workplace are the result of slips, trips and falls. The resultant injuries include head and back injuries, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, sprains and pulled muscles. Proper footwear can drastically reduce these types of workplace hazards. The question is, who determines the proper footwear you should be wearing? Safety shoe retailers trying to sell you protective footwear can list all the beneficial attributes of the footwear they sell; what typical safety shoe stores in Mississauga can’t possibly identify, for example, is all the potential hazards that exist in your workplace. That’s really a job for professionals who understand the scope of occupational safety hazards existing in your particular workplace.

The Health and Safety committees comprised of management and staff are often responsible for approving footwear based on a hazard assessment of the workplace. For example, if you are walking through a metal detector as part of your daily routine on the job, the committee may recommend that only metal-free shoes be allowed. In an environment where there is a high potential for slips and falls, the committee might suggest that only footwear meeting certain slip criteria be permitted to be worn. If there is a concern about footwear catching on industrial equipment, the workplace may specify no straps or buckles be allowed on the outside of the safety shoes.

The Canadian Standards Association has produced a user guide to help identify footwear that is appropriate when certain potential hazards are present in the workplace. Pro-active companies that make employee safety a priority are wise to provide guidance on footwear selection to ensure their staff will select the appropriate footwear – in other words, designs that meet the needs of their workplace. Most of these, including high-quality, Canadian made Mellow Walk safety shoes, are readily available at most safety shoe stores.

Of course, the possibility for human error will always exist. There are no accidents, only a series of bad decisions that lead to them. Buying Mellow Walk safety shoes for men and women is always a great decision.

Safety shoe guarantees that stick

“The only guarantees in life are death and taxes.” That’s a worn out adage, but people still seem to believe it. Thankfully, it’s not true. There are lots of guarantees in the world of manufacturing that are backed by ethical companies that work hard to produce quality goods worth guaranteeing. Mellow Walk is one of those companies, which is why you can put your faith in the guarantee you get when you buy Mellow Walk products from the safety shoe store.

Workers in any profession that requires safety shoes want to know the products they trust to protect their feet can stand up to the demands of the job. Safety shoe retailers have come to understand the value in stocking quality Canadian-made Mellow Walk safety shoes for that very reason. Workers today are spending eight to 10 hours a day working on their feet in all types of hazardous environments; they want safety shoes built to last that suit their work environment. Naturally, it’s important for workers to choose the right shoe for their work environment; you should never choose a light safety shoe, for example, if you’re working heavy construction. That said, safety shoe stores in Toronto regularly recommend Mellow Walk shoes for a variety of reasons.

For starters, Mellow Walk guarantees its shoes from manufacturing defects for a period of six months. A manufacturing defect includes such things as the sole separating from the upper, or the stitching of the leather upper ripping open. Mellow Walk incorporates quality design and production in order to reduce returns and improve durability. For example, all our soles are cemented and side stitched to the upper to help prevent separation. All of our uppers are double needle stitched to help prevent the uppers from ripping, and many of our shoes have counter pockets in the heel to limit wear and tear on the inner lining. We also start with good quality materials including the leather and outsoles to ensure quality and reduce defects.

By implementing these measures of quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, Mellow Walk can produce a safety shoe that any safety shoe store stocking them can be proud to sell. We know our guarantee is as durable as the steel toe safety shoes we make in Canada for both working men and women.

Fighting Fatigue On The Job One Step At A Time

Anyone who has ever worked a long shift on a production line knows the term “asleep on your feet.” Fatigue can be a real issue for workers, especially ones standing all day or being asked to do repetitive tasks for long periods of time. Fatigue is mentally draining, but it starts from the ground up. The first step in combating fatigue on the job is stepping into footwear made by Mellow Walk – a company that knows safety shoes in Canada.

There’s no question that wearing the right footwear can make a huge difference when you spend long amounts of time on your feet. That’s especially true if you’re wearing composite toe safety shoes or any kind of protective footwear that might be heavier than your average walking shoe. When looking at options for steel toe safety shoes Canada, the fit is the most important factor to consider if you’re worried about fatigue as a poor fitting shoe is a big contributor to foot fatigue. Buying composite toe safety shoes that are the right size, the right width and the right design for your needs are critical choices. So is buying a shoe that’s not too heavy to wear for extended periods of time.

All Mellow Walk safety shoes are not only lightweight but also packed with a lot of hidden comfort features that make them such an excellent choice for work wear. For example, all Mellow Walk shoes come with an exclusive three-layer comfort design; this includes their biomechanically-created ortho-comfort lasts, soft PU soles, a comfort-foam midsole layer and a PU foam removable insole. These are not the typical overly-cushy insole you often see that quickly compresses in the heel; these type of low-quality insoles will lose their integrity over time and actually be a cause of fatigue. Mellow Walk insoles are top quality and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use at work.

When it comes to soles, PU or EVA soles offer the lightest options for quality safety shoes Canada designs. PU has a slight advantage over EVA in that it is longer lasting, it compresses less and is more durable. Another important factor to look for in steel toe safety shoes Canada is choosing a shoe with a good arch support. This simple addition also helps reduce fatigue.

Be alert on the job and comfortable on your feet by choosing Canadian-made high-quality Mellow Walk safety shoes.

Understanding the Types of Safety Shoes

With all things being equal, what is the best brand of safety shoe to wear to improve slip resistance on the job? It’s a reasonable question to ask given the risks of injury that can occur in different work environments.. To answer that question, you have to consider the product line from Mellow Walk, a Canadian manufacturer well known for producing exceptional safety shoes for women.

When it comes to women’s safety shoes Canada, Mellow Walk is a brand that recognizes the unique relationship women have with footwear and style. Safety shoes, however, are not something women often think about until they’re in a workplace where safety is an important concern. Understanding the types of safety shoes women have available as options is important, as is the type of testing done on those shoes to ensure they offer the right protection. At Mellow Walk, all their shoes are put through testing to determine their slip resistance; with a slip rating assigned to each shoe to help you select the model best suited to your work environment. In truth, all safety shoes are tested to the same standards for safety and slip, so what’s the best way to determine the best safety shoes for women?

At Mellow Walk, we focus on style, creating safety shoes women most women agree don’t look like – or feel like – traditional safety shoes. The women who buy Mellow Walk, the women’s safety shoes Canada prefers to wear, admit they’re comfortable wearing Mellow Walk styles on the job or out in public, just like a non-safety shoe. That speaks volumes about the unique styles offered by these durable, comfortable safety shoes for women.

When it comes to safety ratings, most shoes fall into two categories. The first, steel-toe/static dissipative (SD), are shoes made for people who require toe protection or who work in settings where a static charge could damage sensitive equipment. This “SD” footwear is designed to release the static charge harmlessly through the shoe and into the floor. The other category of safety shoe is the protective toe/puncture resistant sole style, footwear found in typical Canadian workplaces and construction sites. These shoes are capable of withstanding an 18,000 volt electric shock. With the good looks and style of Mellow Walk shoes, however, you will never be shocked at how good their safety shoes for women actually look.

Tips to Prevent Feet Injuries in the Workplace

As a Canadian manufacturer of comfortable, stylish safety shoes, Mellow Walk knew exactly how impactful their products would be in helping workers avoid the dangers of slips, falls and other foot-related injuries on the job. The following offers a few tips for those who wear steel toe shoes for men designed to help you prevent foot injury in the workplace.

Like skates to a hockey player, pointe shoes to a ballerina or cleats to a football player, your choice of comfortable steel toe shoes can make or break your performance at work, especially if it involves safely moving around your environment. Choosing the right safety shoe is vital: in Canada over 42,000 workers get injured annually due to falls, representing nearly 18 percent of all “time-loss injuries” accepted by workers compensation boards. To avoid slips and falls, purchasing the right men’s safety shoes Canada has to offer means buying slip resistant shoes from Mellow Walk. Mellow Walk shoes are tested in a lab using a ceramic tiles or stainless steel surface. This helps recreate the conditions existing in many commercial and industrial workplaces. Knowing the different types of flooring found throughout your workplace is important information for your health and safety committee. This information can help them research the best style and brands of slip resistant footwear to protect workers in your environment.

Another good tip to prevent foot injuries at work is to ensure you are wearing shoes with a sole that offers the best slip protection. The more contact with the floor the sole of your steel toe shoes for men offers the better the protection; that usually means a strong, flat rubber sole. Slips are prone to happen whenever wet floor surfaces are present, but that isn’t the only reason. Slips can often occur as the result of moving on uneven surfaces, running in the workplace, transitions from one type or flooring surface to another or stumbling over tripping hazards on the floor. Comfortable steel toe shoes won’t always prevent those type of tripping hazards, but they can help reduce the risk. Ultimately, eliminating those conditions and wearing steel toe shoes for men increases your chances for avoiding foot injury on the job.

Everything You Should Know When Purchasing Safety Shoes

If you work in an industry where there is the potential for serious injury, then you need to ensure that you have the right safety equipment. Everything you buy should meet Canadian safety standards and be rated to do the job you need it to do. This includes the shoes you get from a safety shoe store.

It seems like you can get safety shoes just about anywhere nowadays, including at retail stores and online. While it may be tempting to purchase a pair from these places, you need to make sure that they will keep your feet safe. It may be best to get these items from retailers that specialize in safety shoes with a good reputation so you know you are getting a quality product and quality advice.

It’s also important to visit safety shoes stores in Mississauga so that you have a chance to try the shoes on. A bad fitting pair of shoes can wreak havoc on your feet, making them sore or giving them blisters, which will make walking and doing your job difficult. You should be able to walk and work without your safety gear causing unnecessary pain.

Safety shoes come in a wide range of styles, heights and features. Depending on the type of job you do, you’ll need to find a pair that will work best for you. Some of the more common protective features include:

Toe Protection, Plate, ESR Shoes

In Canada, these are often referred to as “Green Patch” after the green safety triangle. But what it means to the wearer is that the shoe is protected to the highest levels for impact protection, puncture resistance and a sole able to withstand up to 18,000 volts of electricity passing through it. Now that is a lot of protection! .

Toe Protection, Static Dissipative Shoes

Today, many of us work indoors often in logistics, warehousing or other light manufacturing. Where there is no hazards in your workplace from punctures through the sole, consider a pair of steel-toe only safety shoes. Often you will see this in Canada represented by the blue rectangle on outside of the safety shoe.

Electric Shock Resistance Shoes

Canada is leaders in the development of safety shoes to protect against high voltage electricity. The orange horseshoe symbol on the boots “omega” is your guide to understanding that the safety shoe or boot is designed to withstand up to 18,000 volts of electricity. The soles of these shoes are specially designed to act as a barrier to electricity and to keep the wearer safe.

Puncture Resistant Footwear

Nails, screws, metal shaving all can pierce through the sole and cause injury to your foot. If this describes your workplace make sure that you are wearing a pair of safety boots or shoes represented by the Green Triangle. This symbol is your assurance that the shoes are equipped with a puncture resistant plate. You’ll need to get a pair of these shoes from safety shoe stores in Mississauga.

Metatarsal Safety Shoes

While not all industries require a met guard if you work in an industry that has a high chance of things being dropped on the metarsal region of the foot, then you’ll want to invest in a pair of these shoes. Met guards today are often made from formed plastics and protect the top of your foot from objects being dropped on them. When shopping look for the black rectangle with the letter M to indicate that the safety shoe or boot is equipped with a met guard. They are great for people who work in heavy industries.

Being protected while at work should be high on your priority list. Having the right equipment will help, and getting safety shoes from Mellow Walk could be the best way to protect your feet. Find a retailer nearest you.

Safety Testing Ensures Safety Shoes Live Up To Their Name

Safety in the workplace should be of paramount importance to employers and employees no matter what the industry. In 2017, for example, over 251,500 claims for lost time due to a work-related injury or disease were reported by the Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada. Sadly, there were also 951 workplace fatalities recorded. The fact these stats only include what is reported indicates the extent of the safety problems existing in Canadian workplaces. When it comes to safety equipment, put your trust in Mellow Walk, the respected steel toe shoes Toronto manufacturer.

Thanks to Mellow Walk, workers in every industry can head to work in comfortable, stylish footwear designed to protect their feet. To be credible as a safety shoe manufacturer, a company has to be willing to put their steel toe safety shoes to the test – literally. In both Canada and the United States, all safety shoes must be certified by national certifying bodies that have established standards of testing footwear for safety. In Canada, for example, steel-toed safety shoes Toronto have to meet CSA standards for impact performance, puncture resistance and resistance to either electricity (ESR) or static charge (Static Dissipating). This is not a one-time test. To remain in compliance, a top-quality safety footwear manufacturer will continue to monitor the accepted standards and conduct regular ongoing testing. The same is true in the U.S., where safety footwear is certified to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Mellow Walk is certified to both the Canadian and U.S. standards, as its product line is sold in both markets. That’s a dual measure of quality that ensures their safety shoes live up to their name. Another important safety feature of the Mellow Walk brand is their slip resistance. Slips and falls are a major source of injury in every employment sector, from restaurants to oil rigs. Designing slip resistant footwear once again requires a commitment to testing and incorporating special sole compound materials and unique tread designs that ensure the shoes have as much friction with the floor as possible.. In Mellow Walk’s case, they test the soles of all their steel toe safety shoes r at a private lab facility, Precision Testing. Using a specialized slip resistance tester to provide a co-efficient of friction (CoF), the shoes are put through tests simulating real world conditions.

For example, slip standards require testing using quarry tile, which is a common floor material. Testing is also completed for both dry and wet floors, and on stainless steel to replicate the feel of metal gangways often found in industrial settings. Superior testing results in a superior product. The higher the CoF the better slip resistance the shoe provides.