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Customer Care

Answers to your most frequently asked questions


What is Mellow Walk’s warranty policy?

We hope you will love your Mellow Walk footwear, but sometimes relationships just don’t work out the way we all intended. And when it doesn’t work out, your first call should be to the retailer where the footwear was purchased. The retailer will inspect the footwear for manufacturing defects* and if a defect is found, and it is within the retailer’s returns period, in most cases will exchange your footwear. If the return falls outside of the retailer’s terms period, and you believe it is a manufacturing defect, opposed to normal wear and tear, contact us ( with images and a short description of the problem. If we agree with your assessment, we may offer to repair or replace at our expense.

*What’s considered a defect?

Shoes wear out with wear. We consider manufacturing defects to be such things as a sole separating from the leather upper, stitching that is coming apart on the leather upper, a midsole board that bent during production etc.

Made in Canada

What does that mean today?

We have been crafting footwear from our Toronto factory since 1993. We are proud to continue with the tradition of Made in Canada over 20 years later. There are some components of the shoe that we cannot source in Canada because they are no longer locally made; items such as steel toecaps, certain types of leathers and specialized outsoles for the safety footwear market. Where possible we do first look to Canadian suppliers and when that is not possible we turn to suppliers elsewhere in North America. We also select to work with ethical and verified components manufacturers in other parts of the world including Germany, Spain and Italy.

When all of these materials arrive our staff of over 50 shoemakers turn these raw materials into the finished footwear that you know and love. Made in Canada (with domestic and imported components).


Can I buy a pair on this website?

Sorry, at this time Mellow Walk footwear is only available from authorized retailers. All retailers can be accessed via our Find a Store feature or you may select to visit one of the many online only retailers distributing Mellow Walk. For help locating a particular style or size of footwear contact our Customer Service (

Slip Resistant

Is Mellow Walk footwear tested for slip resistance?

All Mellow Walk footwear is marked and tested to the CSA Z195/ISO 13287 standard for slip resistance as well as to the Mark II test method. Lab testing is not always an accurate substitute for real world conditions and some soles may provide better slip protection on certain flooring types. It is always best to review Mellow Walk’s slip test data.

Footwear Standards

All Mellow Walk footwear goes through a rigorous testing and approval process before reaching the customer. Our safety shoes are CSA approved which involves ongoing testing, compliance and audits to the Z195 standard. We also ensure that our footwear is independently tested and complies with ASTM standards for safety footwear. As part of our QC process we sample test raw materials as they arrive in our warehouse to ensure ongoing compliance; and we maintain a sophisticated in-house lab to batch test footwear as they come off our manufacturing lines.