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Fighting Fatigue On The Job One Step At A Time

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Anyone who has ever worked a long shift on a production line knows the term “asleep on your feet.” Fatigue can be a real issue for workers, especially ones standing all day or being asked to do repetitive tasks for long periods of time. Fatigue is mentally draining, but it starts from the ground up. The first step in combating fatigue on the job is stepping into footwear made by Mellow Walk – a company that knows safety shoes in Canada.

There’s no question that wearing the right footwear can make a huge difference when you spend long amounts of time on your feet. That’s especially true if you’re wearing composite toe safety shoes or any kind of protective footwear that might be heavier than your average walking shoe. When looking at options for steel toe safety shoes Canada, the fit is the most important factor to consider if you’re worried about fatigue as a poor fitting shoe is a big contributor to foot fatigue. Buying composite toe safety shoes that are the right size, the right width and the right design for your needs are critical choices. So is buying a shoe that’s not too heavy to wear for extended periods of time.

All Mellow Walk safety shoes are not only lightweight but also packed with a lot of hidden comfort features that make them such an excellent choice for work wear. For example, all Mellow Walk shoes come with an exclusive three-layer comfort design; this includes their biomechanically-created ortho-comfort lasts, soft PU soles, a comfort-foam midsole layer and a PU foam removable insole. These are not the typical overly-cushy insole you often see that quickly compresses in the heel; these type of low-quality insoles will lose their integrity over time and actually be a cause of fatigue. Mellow Walk insoles are top quality and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use at work.

When it comes to soles, PU or EVA soles offer the lightest options for quality safety shoes Canada designs. PU has a slight advantage over EVA in that it is longer lasting, it compresses less and is more durable. Another important factor to look for in steel toe safety shoes Canada is choosing a shoe with a good arch support. This simple addition also helps reduce fatigue.

Be alert on the job and comfortable on your feet by choosing Canadian-made high-quality Mellow Walk safety shoes.