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Safety shoe guarantees that stick

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“The only guarantees in life are death and taxes.” That’s a worn out adage, but people still seem to believe it. Thankfully, it’s not true. There are lots of guarantees in the world of manufacturing that are backed by ethical companies that work hard to produce quality goods worth guaranteeing. Mellow Walk is one of those companies, which is why you can put your faith in the guarantee you get when you buy Mellow Walk products from the safety shoe store.

Workers in any profession that requires safety shoes want to know the products they trust to protect their feet can stand up to the demands of the job. Safety shoe retailers have come to understand the value in stocking quality Canadian-made Mellow Walk safety shoes for that very reason. Workers today are spending eight to 10 hours a day working on their feet in all types of hazardous environments; they want safety shoes built to last that suit their work environment. Naturally, it’s important for workers to choose the right shoe for their work environment; you should never choose a light safety shoe, for example, if you’re working heavy construction. That said, safety shoe stores in Toronto regularly recommend Mellow Walk shoes for a variety of reasons.

For starters, Mellow Walk guarantees its shoes from manufacturing defects for a period of six months. A manufacturing defect includes such things as the sole separating from the upper, or the stitching of the leather upper ripping open. Mellow Walk incorporates quality design and production in order to reduce returns and improve durability. For example, all our soles are cemented and side stitched to the upper to help prevent separation. All of our uppers are double needle stitched to help prevent the uppers from ripping, and many of our shoes have counter pockets in the heel to limit wear and tear on the inner lining. We also start with good quality materials including the leather and outsoles to ensure quality and reduce defects.

By implementing these measures of quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, Mellow Walk can produce a safety shoe that any safety shoe store stocking them can be proud to sell. We know our guarantee is as durable as the steel toe safety shoes we make in Canada for both working men and women.