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Safety Testing Ensures Safety Shoes Live Up To Their Name

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Safety in the workplace should be of paramount importance to employers and employees no matter what the industry. In 2017, for example, over 251,500 claims for lost time due to a work-related injury or disease were reported by the Association of Worker’s Compensation Boards of Canada. Sadly, there were also 951 workplace fatalities recorded. The fact these stats only include what is reported indicates the extent of the safety problems existing in Canadian workplaces. When it comes to safety equipment, put your trust in Mellow Walk, the respected steel toe shoes Toronto manufacturer.

Thanks to Mellow Walk, workers in every industry can head to work in comfortable, stylish footwear designed to protect their feet. To be credible as a safety shoe manufacturer, a company has to be willing to put their steel toe safety shoes to the test – literally. In both Canada and the United States, all safety shoes must be certified by national certifying bodies that have established standards of testing footwear for safety. In Canada, for example, steel-toed safety shoes Toronto have to meet CSA standards for impact performance, puncture resistance and resistance to either electricity (ESR) or static charge (Static Dissipating). This is not a one-time test. To remain in compliance, a top-quality safety footwear manufacturer will continue to monitor the accepted standards and conduct regular ongoing testing. The same is true in the U.S., where safety footwear is certified to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Mellow Walk is certified to both the Canadian and U.S. standards, as its product line is sold in both markets. That’s a dual measure of quality that ensures their safety shoes live up to their name. Another important safety feature of the Mellow Walk brand is their slip resistance. Slips and falls are a major source of injury in every employment sector, from restaurants to oil rigs. Designing slip resistant footwear once again requires a commitment to testing and incorporating special sole compound materials and unique tread designs that ensure the shoes have as much friction with the floor as possible.. In Mellow Walk’s case, they test the soles of all their steel toe safety shoes r at a private lab facility, Precision Testing. Using a specialized slip resistance tester to provide a co-efficient of friction (CoF), the shoes are put through tests simulating real world conditions.

For example, slip standards require testing using quarry tile, which is a common floor material. Testing is also completed for both dry and wet floors, and on stainless steel to replicate the feel of metal gangways often found in industrial settings. Superior testing results in a superior product. The higher the CoF the better slip resistance the shoe provides.