Daisy SD 424092


Casual. Comfortable. Admired.

ASTM F2413-11 I/C SD 35



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(From Domestic and Imported Materials)



E (wide)


Built on a Womens' Last





Outsole Material

Dual Density PU

Toe Cap



Removable Dreamfit Anti-Static


Cement / Lock Stitched sole



Daisy SD 424092


Casual. Comfortable. Admired.

ASTM F2413-11 I/C SD 35

Comfort safety shoes that insist on being worn and admired.

  Static Dissipative: Under 35 mega ohm

As tested to ASTM F2412/2413 by Precision Testing Laboratories on January 27, 2014. Right/Left Combined: 6.58 mega ohm.

Slip Test Rating
Slip tested to CSA Z195-09 / ISO 13287 by Precision Testing Laboratories on December 11, 2012.

Co-Efficient of Friction
Flat Heel

Dry Quarry

0.97 0.80

Wet Quarry

0.77 0.54

Wet Stainless Steel

0.48 0.40

Zero Break-In
A unique combination of comfort materials, cushioning and fit that create the foundation of Mellow Walk’s three-layer comfort system.

Mellow Walk’s famous engineered comfort ortho shoe lasts (foot forms). Our lasts define comfort.

Triple Cushioning

  1. Our Dreamfit Comfort insoles provide all-day comfort and are anti-bacterial, breathable and moisture-wicking.
  2. Dual Density outsoles provide excellent shock absorption and create a more comfortable walking experience.
  3. Our unique anti-fatiguing memory foam footbed provides long lasting comfort.

10 thoughts on “Daisy SD 424092

  1. Great shoes. I went a little over the company’s safety shoe allowance, but they were certainly worth it. Wore them for my first eight hour shift with very little time spent sitting down, constantly on the go. I think my sore feet at the end of the night was mainly because I wasn’t use to standing that long. Nice and roomy in the toes and overall fit was perfect. Will recommend to co-workers and try to get them to buy from a Canadian Company!

    1. Hi Faye,

      So glad that you are liking our Daisy safety shoes. Thanks for writing to us and thank you for recommending to your co-workers.

    1. Hi Debra,

      Great question. Sadly I don’t see any immediate plans for Daisy 424 in the U.S. We do have the lace model Daisy 420 and the Jamie 4085 slip-on both available to ship from the U.S.

    1. Hi Sherry-Lynn,

      Yes most of our models have removable insoles including the 424092. Thanks for writing.

  2. I am a little confused: if this shoe is made in Canada and it is a “steel toe”, where is the green triangle?

    1. Hi Vera, great question. Daisy is certified to CSA as a steel toe with static dissipative sole. That means it would not have a green triangle. Green Triangle footwear would have a toe cap plus a protective plate in the shoe to protect against objects penetrating through the sole. If you require a green triangle shoe a couple of good options would be 481128 or 492049

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