Jessica SD 484072


A sneaker with built-in Mellow Walk comfort.

ASTM F2413-18 I/C SD 35




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  • 5.5
  • 6
  • 6.5
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  • 7.5
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(From Domestic and Imported Materials)




Built on a women's last


Storm Leather



Outsole Material

SBR Rubber

Toe Cap



Removable Anti-Static


Cement/ Stitched sole



Jessica SD 484072


A sneaker with built-in Mellow Walk comfort.

ASTM F2413-18 I/C SD 35


Comfort safety shoes that insist on being worn and admired.

 Static Dissipative: Under 35 mega ohm

As tested to ASTM F2412/2413 by Precision Testing Laboratories on October 10, 2017. Right/Left Combined: 10.63 mega ohm.

Slip Test Rating
Slip tested to CSA Z195-14 / ISO 13287 by Precision Testing Laboratories on October 11, 2017.

Co-Efficient of Friction Flat Heel
Dry Quarry 1.14 0.98
Wet Quarry 0.88 0.72
Wet Stainless Steel 1.34 0.89

Zero Break-In
A unique combination of comfort materials, cushioning and fit that create the foundation of Mellow Walk’s three-layer comfort system.

Mellow Walk’s famous engineered comfort ortho shoe lasts (foot forms). Our lasts define comfort.

Triple Cushioning

  1. Our Dreamfit Comfort insoles provide all-day comfort and are anti-bacterial, breathable and moisture-wicking.
  2. Dual Density outsoles provide excellent shock absorption and create a more comfortable walking experience.
  3. Our unique anti-fatiguing memory foam footbed provides long lasting comfort.

36 thoughts on “Jessica SD 484072

  1. How much are these shoes? Can I order them by mail? Are Canadian shoe sizes the same as those in the us? If I normally wear a 10.5 wide width would these work or would an 11 be a better size?

    1. Hi Terri,

      In answer to your question yes Canadian/US shoe sizing is the same. To order a pair online from a US based shoe retailer please visit

  2. Can you please tell me how much a single shoe weighs in either ounces or grams? Weight makes a huge difference to me in a safety shoe. I appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi Tami,

      Jessica weighs about 360g or 12oz. Besides its light weight, the sole is made from rubber and tests very well for slip resistance. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I’d really like to get a pair of these but only see stores listed in the GTA. Any chance they are available in London, Windsor or Sarnia?
    Mellowwalk are the most comfortable safety shoes I’ve found. Think I’m on pair number four.
    Thanks for making such great shoes.

    1. Hi Faye, thanks for all the praise. It is going to our head. Both Mister Safety Shoes and Work Authority have locations in SW Ontario and carry Jessica. You may wish to call the store ahead to ensure they have it at that location. Thanks for writing.

  4. These are the best steel toe shoes I have ever owned!!! I absolutely love them! Please make them in other colors besides black and I will buy a pair of each!!!

    1. Why thank you Erica. We are so glad you are enjoying your Jessica skater shoes. We are considering new colours and new patterns.

      1. Grey! Also, maybe other neutral colors like tan. Don’t think I would wear any crazy colors since they are work shoes.
        I would really love if they were made out of a canvas/fabric type material like Vans/Keds/Converse instead of leather. Mine get scuffed up a lot. Not sure if canvas would be for a safety shoe though.

  5. These are definitely my favorite safety shoe – very comfortable to wear and true to size. My one complaint is that the liner in the shoe is not durable enough for every day wear. I haven’t had my pair for an entire year yet, but the mesh liner in the heel is already rubbed completely through to the support.

  6. Hi,
    I work on my feet for 10-12 hour days. At first my W width shoes fit well, but my feet swell by the end the day. The shoes hurt, and I’m needing a wider shoe. I’m looking at the Mellow Walk 484072, and I would like to know if the E size is wider and would be wide enough for end of my day?

    1. Hi Darla from your description it sounds like Jessica may not be wide enough for you. In this case I might recommend any of our Jamie, Daisy or Maddy safety shoes. They are also an E width but fit a bit wider than Jessica. Thanks.

        1. Hi Viviana,

          E represents a wider fit. In this case I would describe Jessica as a medium-wide safety shoe. Thanks for the question.

    1. Hi, good question. The ladies version may not fit properly. The largest size would be a ladies 11 (men’s 9). Thanks.

  7. Can the laces be used to create a tighter fit? I love the look of the shoe, but have medium to narrow width feet and was wondering if these would stay on or not.

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks for your question. We always recommend a lace up model for narrower width feet as the laces as you indicate can be cinched to create a snugger fit. In your case I would recommend the Jessica 484072.

  8. I ordered Jessica 484072 in size 7.5 from the distributor my employer uses. I really like it but they’re a little small all the way around, so I’ll be returning them. If I go up to a size 8, will the they be wider or just longer? I need a little more width in the steel toe. (This is the only Mellow Walk womens lace up offered through this distributor.)

    1. Hi Rita, glad you like our Jessica. If you go up a half size you will gain in the length and also a little bit in the width. Please note that a half size larger may solve your fit issue, however the dimensions of the toe cap do not change. For comfort, I would always recommend that you have a little space in the shoe so that your toes are not pushing up on the steel toe.

  9. I have been looking all over for a leather zero-drop safety shoe for women. Is this it? Also are the soles pretty flexible? If your answer is yes to both, you could totally dominate the minimalist and barefoot market!

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Great questions. The sole is very flexible and because the shoe is strobel construction (upper stitched to the midsole) it also adds to overall flexibility of the shoe. I’m hesitant to refer to this as a zero-drop but it may have some of the characteristics that you are looking for in a safety shoe. Thanks.

  10. I’m considering buying these for work, but want to make sure the size will fit. For a size 11, how wide is it?

    1. Thanks for your question. Jessica is not the widest safety shoe we make but the fit is still fairly generous. The shoe is labelled E width which indicates that it tends to fit a little wider than a medium width shoe.

  11. Do you have a size guide? I could wear a 6 or 6.5 depending on the shoe. My foot measures 23 cm long. Thank you!

  12. What size would you recommend for a 25.5 cm foot? I looked around for a size chart but could not find one…

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