Patrick SD 545012


Comfort Casual. Classic Mellow Walk.



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(From Domestic and Imported Materials)


EE (medium to wide)


Comfort Ortho





Outsole Material

Dual Density PU

Toe Cap



PU Static Dissipative half-sock


Cement / Lock Stitched sole



Patrick SD 545012


Comfort Casual. Classic Mellow Walk.

Comfort safety shoes that insist on being worn and admired.

   Static Dissipative: Under 35 mega ohm
As tested to ASTM F2412/2413 by Precision Testing Laboratories on February 10, 2016. Right/Left Combined: 3.88 mega ohm.

Slip Test Rating
Slip tested to CSA Z195-09 / ISO 13287 by Intertek Testing Services on November 23, 2010.

Co-Efficient of Friction Flat Heel
Dry Quarry 0.88 0.91
Wet Quarry 0.35 0.31
Wet Stainless Steel 0.52 0.44

Zero Break-In
A unique combination of comfort materials, cushioning and fit that create the foundation of Mellow Walk’s three-layer comfort system.

Mellow Walk’s famous engineered comfort ortho shoe lasts (foot forms). Our lasts define comfort.

Triple Cushioning

  1. Our Dreamfit Comfort insoles provide all-day comfort and are anti-bacterial, breathable and moisture-wicking.
  2. Dual Density outsoles provide excellent shock absorption and create a more comfortable walking experience.
  3. Our unique anti-fatiguing memory foam footbed provides long lasting comfort.

14 thoughts on “Patrick SD 545012

  1. Wish you made more brown shoes, especially the 5145. Alternatives, such as the Florsheim and the now discontinued Terra Static are hard to find (and the Terra Carter has lemon-yellow trim).

    1. Thanks for your feedeback. We have recently added the Patrick 5141 in brown. I will also talk to our production team about offering more brown safety shoes.

  2. Hello,
    Patrick 5145, I have worn this same shoe for more than 5 years,
    I went to Mark’s yesterday Sept 21/14 they sell the EE width, should I look for a narrower shoe, EE not my width?

    1. Hi Grant,

      I’m glad you are a fan of our Patrick safety shoes. Patrick has always been made only in an EE width so the fit should be what you are familiar with. Marks also carries Mellow Walk’s David 504139 which has a slightly narrower fit. Thanks for your question.

  3. The only safely shoe i have found that didn’t hurt my feet was discontinued it was 1608 steel toe 10.5 EE do you have another one that is just as comfortable

    1. Hi Gerald,

      The 1608 was a classic and one that we are looking at re-introducing for 2015. In terms of comfort I would recommend Jack 5154. I hope that helps.

        1. Hi Gerald,

          Not yet. I’m sorry at this moment I don’t have any definitive date to provide you with. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi just purchased the Patrick 545011 and the box says slip tested. Does that mean it is slip resistant or what does it actually mean. The environment the shoes were purchased for is a restaurant kitchen which can be slippery. Look forward to your response
    Thank you

  5. Hello
    What makes the Patrick 5145 a CSA Blue label? I thought it may be of a composite toe? Also how much does this shoe weight?

    1. Hi Robin,

      Patrick 5145 is a steel-toe model. If you are looking for composite I would recommend 542128. As to your question: the blue label signifies that the model offers a protective toecap only meaning it doesn’t have a puncture resistant plate. Thanks.

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you for making great shoes right here in Canada!

    Quick question on the laced version of the Patrick (5145):

    In the product description, it says that these shoes are SD+ rated, however, the in-store model (as well as the picture on this website) says they are only SD rated. Is this a typo on the website or are there variants to the 5145 (SD+ or SD)?

    Just curious cause I couldn’t find any SD+ tagging in-store and I was wondering if this is an option? If so, could you direct me to a supplier in Toronto which carries the 5145? Thanks!

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for writing and for your compliment. Patrick was recently upgraded to SD+ so the description is right and thanks for pointing out that the photos on our website need updating. I hope this helps and if you need more information please write to us at Thanks again.

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