Understanding the Types of Safety Shoes

With all things being equal, what is the best brand of safety shoe to wear to improve slip resistance on the job? It’s a reasonable question to ask given the risks of injury that can occur in different work environments.. To answer that question, you have to consider the product line from Mellow Walk, a Canadian manufacturer well known for producing exceptional safety shoes for women.

When it comes to women’s safety shoes Canada, Mellow Walk is a brand that recognizes the unique relationship women have with footwear and style. Safety shoes, however, are not something women often think about until they’re in a workplace where safety is an important concern. Understanding the types of safety shoes women have available as options is important, as is the type of testing done on those shoes to ensure they offer the right protection. At Mellow Walk, all their shoes are put through testing to determine their slip resistance; with a slip rating assigned to each shoe to help you select the model best suited to your work environment. In truth, all safety shoes are tested to the same standards for safety and slip, so what’s the best way to determine the best safety shoes for women?

At Mellow Walk, we focus on style, creating safety shoes women most women agree don’t look like – or feel like – traditional safety shoes. The women who buy Mellow Walk, the women’s safety shoes Canada prefers to wear, admit they’re comfortable wearing Mellow Walk styles on the job or out in public, just like a non-safety shoe. That speaks volumes about the unique styles offered by these durable, comfortable safety shoes for women.

When it comes to safety ratings, most shoes fall into two categories. The first, steel-toe/static dissipative (SD), are shoes made for people who require toe protection or who work in settings where a static charge could damage sensitive equipment. This “SD” footwear is designed to release the static charge harmlessly through the shoe and into the floor. The other category of safety shoe is the protective toe/puncture resistant sole style, footwear found in typical Canadian workplaces and construction sites. These shoes are capable of withstanding an 18,000 volt electric shock. With the good looks and style of Mellow Walk shoes, however, you will never be shocked at how good their safety shoes for women actually look.