The Thrill of Victory, without the Agony of The Feet

On January 28th, 1916, women in Manitoba became the first in Canada to win both the right to vote and to hold provincial office. That was a long overdue correction of the inequality that existed in Canada for women. It signalled the start of a significant swing in the role women were to play in Canadian society. By 2018, Canadian women aged 15 and over represented nearly half (47.7%) of the labour force. Clearly, working women are here to stay, and so is the need for quality steel toe shoes for women.

While the situation is not perfect – there’s still the issue of equal pay to be resolved and the need for more women at the CEO level – the victories earned for women in the workplace have been significant. Unfortunately, it took an equally long period for women’s safety shoes Canada to evolve to the point where such shoes are being designed specifically for the needs of women’s feet. Women working in environments where safety boots were required usually had limited choice for work boots – in most cases, they simply bought small size men’s boots that often were too wide and too heavy. That was before Mellow Walk arrived on the scene to reshape the way people thought of women’s steel toe shoes Canada.

When it comes to safety shoes for women, Mellow Walk has changed the game. Gone are the days when clunky, manly work boots were the only choice available for women seeking footwear protection on the job. Mellow Walk realized that there were very few safety shoes geared to professional women. Yes, women wanted to both “look good” and “feel good” when they stepped into a protective work shoe or boot, but more importantly they wanted the boot to fit right and not be overly heavy. That’s why Mellow Walk decided to focus their efforts on developing top quality Canadian made safety shoes, from six-inch CSA green-patch work boots to lab-compliant static dissipative shoes to slip resistant duty shoes. Mellow Walks offers something women love – choice. From the full-boot design of the new Ellie-model Redline safety book to the casual and playful look of the Jessica-model camo and skater low cut to the rugged Maddy, Mellow Walk offers you a variety of styles, made in Canada on shoe lasts designed to fit a woman’s foot.

No matter what type of women’s steel toe shoes you are looking for, you’re sure to find them online or at numerous retailers in the area. Find the perfect women’s work shoes that are both comfortable and protective in a style that suits your job and your personality.