Gender Defender – Why Mellow Walk Safety Shoes Aren’t Unisex

Historically speaking, there weren’t too many manufacturers of workplace safety products that catered to the unique needs of women on the job. The market for shoes with a steel toe safety cap, for example, is still an 80/20 percent split for men compared to women. Many safety shoes are still designed for men and sized down to offer women’s sizes. That’s where quality Canadian-made Mellow Walk women’s safety shoes come in. Mellow Walk is one of the few safety shoe manufacturers that actually design safety shoes with women in mind.

No matter how much they try to standardize the roles of men and women in the workplace, they can’t change the fact their feet can be drastically different. Female feet are not simply scaled-down versions of male feet; typically, men’s feet are longer and broader that women’s feet. Women’s feet tend to be narrower than men’s, and they also tend to differ at the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe and the ball of the foot. Mellow Walk takes these differences into account in the design and manufacture of its line of women’s safety shoes.

Mellow Walk begins its design of steel toe safety shoes for women by developing shoe lasts, the solid foot form that ultimately gives the shoe its final shape and helps provide the fit and comfort level of the shoe. In addition to creating a variety of compelling and versatile shoe designs for women, Mellow Walk also goes through elaborate fit trials and wear tests, including outfitting factory staff with the latest shoe designs so they can provide immediate feedback about comfort, fit and style. It’s all done in an effort to provide steel toe safety shoes for women that are specific to their unique needs, and ultimately to improve their comfort level when wearing them on the job.

From six-inch CSA greenpatch workboots to lab compliant static dissipative safety shoes, Mellow Walk offers safety shoes for women offering comfort, protection and a variety of styles. Now women who love shoes can also enjoy shopping for women’s safety shoes with equal passion. Safety is always in style when you shop for high-quality Canadian made Mellow Walk safety shoes.