All You Need To Know About Static Dissipative Footwear

Here’s a fact that may shock you – especially if you’re not wearing the right safety shoes. In Europe, static dissipative (SD) safety shoes are the norm. In Canada, most workers wear Electric Shock Resistant (ESR) footwear, often referred to in the United States as Electrical Hazard (EH). However, here in Canada, many workplaces require SD safety shoes because wearing SD footwear reduces the likelihood that you can shock anything or anyone, and in some industries that small detail is hugely important. It’s the reason why it’s an important safety feature in products manufactured by Mellow Walk, home of Canadian-made work shoes for men.

Step into any safety shoe store and chances are you can purchase an SD safety shoe with a protective toecap made of steel or composite.; however, the really interesting thing is how SD footwear works to reduce static charge. At Mellow Walk the mens SD safety shoes Canada products we make have multiple antistatic layers that act in concert to allow the natural static that builds up in the body to pass through each layer and to dissipate harmlessly through the sole and into the floor. This is a critically important safety feature in work shoes for men and women working in industries where static current build-up could be problematic: laboratories, hospitals, workplaces full of delicate and sophisticated electronics or pharmaceutical environments where static electricity can damage equipment or adversely affect calibrations. It takes on an even more important role in industries such a building explosive shells or manufacturing fireworks. There’s no second chance in a work environment like that, which is why we make our Mellow Walk shoes the way we do.

Mellow Walk is a specialist in creating SD footwear that adheres to Canadian safety standards. We are currently in the process of relaunching our footwear as SD+, which will be targeting a higher certification category with more controlled SD results that must fall under 35 megaOhms. We have always manufactured quality leather safety shoes for men; now, we are looking at the next generation of SD shoes to respond to an industry that demands quality, safety and comfort.

No matter what your work environment, you will find Mellow Walk work shoes for men that suit your style and your need for an appropriate level of safety protection. From engineers to general labourers, from Health and Safety Managers encouraging workers to be safe to individual contractors who ensure their own safety, men doing all kinds of jobs should look to Mellow Walk for quality safety shoes.

Who creates the standard for protective footwear?

Mellow Walk shoes meet or exceed the standards set for protective footwear. That’s a reassuring quality for a product that, amongst other things, is designed to protect your feet on the job. What exactly does that mean? What are the standards, who sets them, and how do those standards help guide manufacturers? That’s information you should know if you’re company requires workers to wear men’s safety shoes Canada.

Outfitting your employees with the appropriate work shoes for men helps reduce injuries, decreases lost work hours and heightens the confidence of your workers. It is recommended that workers use protective safety footwear certified and compliant with the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Standard Z195-14 Protective Footwear on any job where there is a risk of a foot injury – which is almost every possible workplace. What exactly are those standards and who decides what criteria items like steel toe shoes for men must meet to pass? Typically, each standard at CSA has its own committee made up of volunteers. The Z195 task force includes representatives from manufacturing companies, users, regulatory bodies, industry and general interest people who meet regularly to review and update the safety standards set for protective footwear.

As a premier maker of men’s safety shoes Canada, Mellow Walk is also a member of the committee. The committee conducts comprehensive reviews of data related to safety standards around the world; members conduct real world laboratory tests that are later used to help establish testing requirements; they listen to real world industry needs, and then they set to task to create requirements for manufacturers to meet in order to have their work shoes for men CSA approved. These are not one time tests; instead, manufacturers must consistently prove their products remain in compliance with the CSA standard, and one in every 500 pairs are regularly tested to ensure they meet the standard. The CSA standard is regarded as one of the highest standards of quality around the world.

These standards cover everything from minimum impact performance of the protective toe cap to the ability of the sole to withstand as much as 18,000 volts of electricity. As one might imagine a size range might feature up to four different sizes of toecaps and CSA sets the internal space that must be available to the wearer if the shoe is impacted. While in the real world anything heavy could strike the toecap, but in the lab the test mandates the toecap can withstand about 22kg weight dropped from about a meter in height. Upon impact, there must be the equivalent of 12.2mm of interior space for small men’s sizes and up to 14.2 mm of space for the largest men’s sizes. There are numerous types of footwear protection besides steel toe shoes for men that are covered by the CSA standard; these include puncture resistant soles, footwear with an integrated protective shield (metguard)covering the metatarsal region of the foot, and slip-resistant footwear amongst others. There are also comfort and performance factors not addressed in the CSA Z195 guide, including resistance to heat/cold, water resistance and flame resistance. Individual workplaces should always complete their due diligence to determine what protective footwear is best for the job.

Ultimately, Mellow Walk is always a top choice for Canadian-made safety shoes for men and women.