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Tips to Prevent Feet Injuries in the Workplace

Steel toe shoes for men

As a Canadian manufacturer of comfortable, stylish safety shoes, Mellow Walk knew exactly how impactful their products would be in helping workers avoid the dangers of slips, falls and other foot-related injuries on the job. The following offers a few tips for those who wear steel toe shoes for men designed to help you prevent foot injury in the workplace.

Like skates to a hockey player, pointe shoes to a ballerina or cleats to a football player, your choice of comfortable steel toe shoes can make or break your performance at work, especially if it involves safely moving around your environment. Choosing the right safety shoe is vital: in Canada over 42,000 workers get injured annually due to falls, representing nearly 18 percent of all “time-loss injuries” accepted by workers compensation boards. To avoid slips and falls, purchasing the right men’s safety shoes Canada has to offer means buying slip resistant shoes from Mellow Walk. Mellow Walk shoes are tested in a lab using a ceramic tiles or stainless steel surface. This helps recreate the conditions existing in many commercial and industrial workplaces. Knowing the different types of flooring found throughout your workplace is important information for your health and safety committee. This information can help them research the best style and brands of slip resistant footwear to protect workers in your environment.

Another good tip to prevent foot injuries at work is to ensure you are wearing shoes with a sole that offers the best slip protection. The more contact with the floor the sole of your steel toe shoes for men offers the better the protection; that usually means a strong, flat rubber sole. Slips are prone to happen whenever wet floor surfaces are present, but that isn’t the only reason. Slips can often occur as the result of moving on uneven surfaces, running in the workplace, transitions from one type or flooring surface to another or stumbling over tripping hazards on the floor. Comfortable steel toe shoes won’t always prevent those type of tripping hazards, but they can help reduce the risk. Ultimately, eliminating those conditions and wearing steel toe shoes for men increases your chances for avoiding foot injury on the job.